Stash Wallet

Permissionless Payments and Messaging

Stash Wallet is a free and easy-to-use crypto-finance mobile app with support for Bitcoin and other digital assets. It ‘pairs’ with your Stash Node Pro, giving you additional transaction capabilities and full roaming access to your personal copy of the blockchain.

Our wallet is also the first of its kind to include built-in secure messaging integrated with our decentralized Stash Identity platform based on private, re-usable, two-way payment addresses.


  • Digital currency wallet for Android (other platforms soon)
  • Simplified private payments, invoices, and refunds (BIP47)
  • Encrypted messaging and decentralized identity platform
  • Sync with a Stash Node Pro for enhanced functionality

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Android Beta Release  

Stash Node Pro

Bank in a Box

Your very own, autonomous, fully-featured financial platform - accessible anytime and anywhere.

The Stash Node Pro is a turn-key personal transaction server with a Bitcoin full node and more, fully-integrated with Open-Transactions and Stash OS. Pair it with your mobile app and store your own money with even more capabilities than ever.

Deposit and withdraw funds on-chain, while enjoying the efficiency of off-chain transactions and a full range of financial instruments such as invoices, recurring payments, and smart contracts.


  • Personal smart contract and financial instrument server
  • Pairs with Stash Wallet as a secure mobile interface
  • 1 TB HDD & 4 cores to verify the entire blockchain
  • One year limited warranty

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Stash Pool

One of the biggest problems for cryptocurrencies is the plague of hacks, scams, confiscations, theft, and fraud. MtGox is the most notorious example with $700m USD of customer funds lost. Today’s Bitcoin businesses are still built on the past, hindered by outdated concepts that require them to hold their users’ money.

Our server-side enterprise software solves the "Mt.Gox problem" by combining on-blockchain deposits with our secure off-chain cryptosystem. A single service provider running our software can process transactions, but cannot falsify payments or confiscate deposits. Instead, users are in full authority over their own accounts and have all the cryptographic tools necessary to recover funds in case the service were to ever be compromised.