All our products feature the built-in financial cryptosystem we’ve developed called Open-Transactions. It’s a powerful framework running on each device, securely processing off-blockchain transactions that support pre-approved payments and customizable smart contracts. By combining our “off-chain” financial system with Bitcoin, or any other blockchain, we’re able to dramatically enhance its utility. For the first time ever, this unique hybrid approach makes a technical solution possible for the problem of custodial trust.

Open-Transactions makes possible fast, secure, and private payments that give users the functionality of financial services while retaining exclusive control over their own accounts. It was originally developed by our co-founder Chris Odom as an open-source project and is being regularly extended by our expert team of engineers.

Currency Agnostic

Stash is building financial tools to augment any cryptocurrency system by providing advanced functionality above and beyond simple cash transactions. Bitcoin was our first choice for integration, but we’ve already expanded support for Litecoin and have the flexibility to include others, such as Ether, Zcash, Factoids, and DASH.

We’re also perfectly equipped to process traditional fiat or gold-backed currencies thanks to our colored-coins implementation. This finally makes possible the holy grail of a completely decentralized exchange.

See our developers section below for more technical information.

Payment Addresses

Our payment address innovation gives users a single, re-usable address for payments and messaging that prevents blockchain observers from viewing transaction history. However, the parties themselves are still able to view the entire history between them. Plus, users can refund payments without the hassle of requesting the creation and transmission of a new wallet address (as is the case with Bitcoin today).

Stash’s payment addresses are much more analogous to typical email addresses in terms of functionality (static, bi-directional, and re-usable). This basic functionality is easy to take for granted, but is sorely needed in Bitcoin today. This technology also forms the basis for Stash's decentralized identity platform and private end-to-end encrypted messaging.

See our developers section below for more technical information.


We believe in the benefits of open-source technology and working within a broader community. The following technical resources are available to developers interested in learning more about the innovations we're building upon.

Open-Transactions White Paper

Open-Transactions Wiki

Open-Transactions GitHub

Payment Addresses (BIP-47 payment codes)