Total Financial Autonomy

Stash is solving systemic problems for digital assets and finance in general.

Disintermediation of
Financial Services

Our secure and easy-to-use software, consumer devices, and enterprise products make trusted third-party financial custodians obsolete.

Theft and Fraud

Our innovations give exchanges and institutions a competative advantage by safeguarding cryptocurrency deposits and reducing liability costs.

Currency Agnostic

Our software will issue any type of digital asset on-chain and process transactions off-chain, including currencies, securities, commodities, and derivatives.

Trust in legacy financial institutions is in decline and the popularity of Bitcoin’s reliance on mathematical proofs has been a direct consequence of this trend. Cryptocurrencies now make it possible to send millions of dollars of value electronically across the world with zero trusted intermediaries. However, it is still necessary to trust centralized service providers for any additional functionality beyond simple payments. The devastating hack of the Mt.Gox Bitcoin exchange demonstrates just how vulnerable trusted third-parties have been. There are countless other examples.

After years of focusing on the deep underlying problems facing custodial service providers, Stash has been able to design the foundational building blocks for a proper solution. Soon, it will no longer be necessary for individuals and businesses to sacrifice control over their own money in order to access the benefits of advanced financial instruments and banking services.