We believe in a future where trusted financial service providers will be replaced by software and consumer devices. Our mission is to give users powerful new capabilities and 100% control over their own money. Stash is building the products to do just that.

The consequences of the blockchain's invention have only just begun to play out. Unfortunately, the shortcomings of trusted custodians still remain for financial services built on the secure foundation cryptocurrencies provide. By getting the fundamentals right, Stash is in a position to roll out tools for completely disintermediating every higher layer of finance.

About Us

We're an Austin, Texas based team of crypto-finance professionals with a passion for building real world applications that promote freedom and prosperity. Our founders identified the promise of applied cryptography back in the early 90's and it was this common vision that brought even more of us together in 2013, forming part of the Austin Bitcoin Meetup's first tight-knit core. Through all the ups and downs since, it's been the recognition of an enormous untapped opportunity that has kept us together in the pursuit of financial autonomy for all.

Core Team

Cliff Baltzley
Co-Founder & CEO

Longtime crypto entrepreneur and founder of popular service Hushmail, the world’s first strongly encrypted email provider. Early sponsor of the International Financial Cryptography Association.

Chris Odom
Co-Founder & CTO

Experienced executive and creator of Open-Transactions. Noted cryptocurrency expert with frequent speaking engagements at Bitcoin conferences. Media recognition in Forbes, WSJ, and EuroMoney.

Justus Ranvier
Lead Architect

Creator of BIP47 payment codes and voting pools for secure Bitcoin storage, auditing, and off-chain transactions. Distinguished Bitcoin expert and co-founder of the Open Bitcoin Privacy Project. Guest speaker at Bitcoin conferences and recognized in Bitcoin media.

Steven Schear
VP of Business Technology

Creator of Warrant Canary and Street Performer Protocol. Participated in the spec creation for Wi-Fi standard (IEEE 802). Founding member of IFCA and Part15 Coalition, the unlicensed wireless industry’s first U.S. trade group.

Daniel Krawisz
Senior Crypto Software Engineer

Co-founder and Director of Research for the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute. Influential Bitcoin expert with several Bitcoin conference and media appearances. Architect of the trustless Bitcoin mixer, Shufflepuff. Masters in Physics and Computer Science.

Hiro White
Development and Process Manager

Entrepreneur, developer, and architect with 18 years experience working in crypto-finance and privacy tech. Involved with Orlin Grabbe's Digital Monetary Trust, MailVault PGP Webmail, MetroPipe VPN Privacy Services, and the Cypherpunkd podcast.

Jonathan Vaage
Creative Director

Will Juste
Customer / Team Services

Interested in joining our team? Contact us with your qualifications at [email protected]